About Me

Looking for mom tips and advice? Maybe you have a thing for perfect parenting, collective handwringing and mommy mania. Sorry, boo. I’m not the one. And don’t even fix your lips to say the “B” word: Balance is like anti-aging cream—ain’t happening.

I admit I may seem like some sort of expert—sometimes appearing on national morning news shows and NPR talking about family issues. And, yes, I’ve written scads of print and Web articles about parenting. But who am I to tell you anything? I don’t even know your kids…You do. And that’s the whole point.

Mama Know-How was created to delight in what we as women do know—not agonize over what we don’t. As quiet as it’s kept, we know an awful lot. Thanks to that age-old sleeper hit called instinct. In fact, we mamas have got it going on.

Who Do I Think I Am, Anyway? 

A veteran business and features writer, I became an Accidental Parenting Editor soon after the birth of my first child. Since then I’ve held senior editorial positions at Essence magazine and iVillage. Sometimes I write for Redbook, Health, Parenting, Pregnancy and other magazines as well as websites including MomsLikeMe, Seventh Generation and Healthy Kids.

If you blinked you missed me, but once I was in a commercial for Google Plus (breathe).

Don’t Get it Twisted

When I’m not wearing my journalist hat I’m opinionated, fiercely maternal, sometimes ditzy, hormonal and—above all—nobody’s fool. Probably a lot like you.

On occasion, I take a break from nagging my kids to clean up after themselves, do their homework or eat more fiber. During those times I can usually be found doing one of three things:
  1. Watching HGTV 
  2. Blasting either gospel music or old school hip hop tunes (an unlikely combo, perhaps, but you if you don’t judge me; I won’t judge you). 
  3. Running, kick boxing, or some other form of exercising (it helps me play well with others). 
I Work With Brands I Trust

This blog is PR-friendly. I like to do giveaways once in awhile, because who doesn’t love winning?

How To Reach Me